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Integrated Financial Temporaries

About Us
Integrated Financial Temporaries, Inc. was established in 1994 to fill a critical void in the employment marketplace.

The concept behind our business is to offer professional level candidates the type of work that traditionally was only available through large consulting firms.

Integrated's three areas of specialization offer both candidates and clients the opportunity to target exactly what they need and want.

Integrated's Accounting group provides professional corporate finance staffing to Fortune 1000 companies in the Chicago and Milwaukee markets. Positions can include planning and budget analysts, staff and senior accountants; treasury analysts; financial reporting managers; tax accountants and other accounting based opportunities.

Our Banking group specializes in commercial and investment banking operations. We provide opportunities in capital markets; real estate; commercial credit analysis; mortgage; trust operations and derivative product analysis.

The Integrated Human Resources division works with professionals who have recruiting; benefits administration; compensation and generalists backgrounds. We also provide entry-level opportunities to recent college graduates.

Our approach is to focus on "personal" personnel service. This simply means that we have established relationships with a handful of top-quality client companies who know and trust our work.

We have a flat organizational structure which allows our candidates to work directly with one designated counselor. This ensures that your needs will be met and that the projects or positions offered to you will be the ones that you want.

By following this "personal" approach to staffing Integrated has successfully developed a niche that is attractive to our candidates (higher pay rates and more interesting job descriptions) and to our clients (higher caliber employees with lower costs than traditional consulting firms).

This philosophy has enabled Integrated Financial Temporaries to meet the constantly changing needs of the employment market for both the candidate and the client.

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